Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

Annual Report 2020-2021

NGen is founded on the principle that digital transformation in advanced manufacturing will enrich the lives of Canadians, delivering better products and good jobs while generating the economic growth essential to a better future.

Table of Contents

Measuring Success: Operating Objectives & Targets

Benefits for Canadians: Economic, Social, Environmental


Supporting & Connecting Canadian Clusters

Funding Partners

Ecosystem Development

Project Portfolio

Intellectual Property

Strategic Opportunities & Objectives for 2021/22

With a unique understanding of research, technology, and manufacturing capabilities across Canada, our participation in global innovation networks, and the project pipeline we have developed, NGen has privileged view of the strategic opportunities – and the challenges – that lie ahead for advanced manufacturing in Canada.

About NGen

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen) is the industry-led, not-for-profit organization leading Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster.   

NGen is dedicated to building world-leading advanced manufacturing capabilities in Canada, for the benefit of Canadians. 

We aim to strengthen the Canadian economy and create high value jobs for Canadians while contributing solutions that address some of the world’s most pressing challenges in areas like health care, energy and resource management, and environmental sustainability.  

NGen works to achieve these objectives by leveraging the research, technology, and industrial strengths of Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem.  

We create new opportunities by combining the capabilities of our country’s manufacturers, engineering and technology companies, business services, researchers, academic institutions, innovation centres, business networks, and our high-quality workforce, that will enhance the competitiveness and growth potential of Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector.   

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