Economic, Social & Environmental

Benefits to Canadians

NGen regularly monitors the progress of projects once they are contracted and works with project teams to help commercialize the results of projects that are underway as well as those that are completed.

By the end of March 2021,

NGen projects had already delivered significant economic benefits in line with the objectives of the Innovation Supercluster Initiative and NGen’s goal of generating $13.5 billion in GDP and creating 13,500 jobs by 2030.

16 new health care products in use to fight COVID-19

1,700+ members of advanced manufacturing clusters supported by NGen

$31.6 million in new industry investments in R&D

$962 million in new orders for project partners

3,619 people working on projects

139 students engaged in projects

865 full-time jobs created to date

15,108 new jobs projected over the next ten years

50 IP commercialization strategies developed

75 new IP assets created

23 IP opportunities available for sharing with NGen members

55 new products under development or in production

66 new manufacturing processes being developed or already in place

15 new companies created

70 projects reporting positive environmental impacts

What’s more,

NGen’s projects are delivering cleaner energy, more sustainable industrial processes, more secure and resilient supplies of food and medical products, improvements in health care, and in the case of COVID-19 related projects, they are saving lives.

Seventy projects were reporting that they were, or upon completion would be, contributing positive environmental impacts.

Some expected benefits are:

  • GHG emission reductions
  • Improved and more efficient energy resource, materials, water, and waste management,
  • Reductions in particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs),
  • Reduced production footprints,
  • Development of biodegradable materials
  • Development of more circular systems of product disposal and re-use

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