Measuring Success

Operating Objectives & Targets

NGen measures success by the benefits it delivers to Canadians.

In line with the objectives of Canada’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative, NGen aims to:

• Develop world-leading technological capabilities in advanced manufacturing.

• Connect and actively engage members of Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

• Increase industry investment in innovation and support for ecosystem development.

• Enhance value creation and opportunities for economic growth.

• Strengthen advanced manufacturing leadership and management capabilities, particularly among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

• Contribute to the development of a skilled advanced manufacturing workforce.

• Improve the health, security, and social well-being of Canadians.

During its third full year of business, NGen aimed to focus on the following areas and goals:

Membership Growth

NGen aimed to grow its membership and connect and strengthen collaboration across Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem

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  • 3,000 members
  • 25% of members outside Ontario
  • At least 90% of members are SMEs
  • Balance between manufacturing and technology providers


  • 3,334 members
  • 36% of members outside Ontario
  • 92% of members are SMEs
  • 43% of members are manufacturers
  • 45% of members are technology and innovation organizations

Project Realization

Meet the short-term innovation and long-term economic objectives of the Innovation Supercluster Initiative, and contribute to strengthening Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem

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  • 60 projects approved
  • $275 million in total project costs approved
  • $190 million in total project costs contracted
  • $10 million in SME capacity-building project costs approved
  • 150 industry partners involved in approved projects
  • 75% of industry partners are SMEs
  • 20% of industry partners outside Ontario


  • 91 projects approved
  • $349 million in total project costs approved
  • $299 million in total project costs contracted
  • $10.4 million in capacity-building costs approved
  • 207 industry partners in approved projects
  • 90% of industry partners are SMEs
  • 35% of industry partners outside Ontario

Promote Capabilities

Promote Canada’s advanced manufacturing capabilities in Canada and internationally
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  • Projects highlighted on NGen website
  • 10 earned media appearances
  • Presentations at 25 industry events
  • Presentations at 5 international events


Workforce & Management Capabilities

Strengthen advanced manufacturing workforce and management capabilities to de-risk investments in technology adoption and business scale-up, especially for SMEs
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  • 100 registrants in NGen education and training programs


  • 17 education and training partners
  • 156 registrants in NGen programs

Connections & Collaborations

Accelerate the development, approval, and funding of collaborative industry-led projects that build transformative advanced manufacturing capabilities in Canada
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  • 200 innovation partnerships
  • 150 cases of shared IP
  • 1,000 participants in NGen workshops and collaboration events
  • 10 collaborative relationships with federal and provincial departments and funding agencies


  • 372 innovation partnerships
  • 332 cases of shared IP
  • 1,631 participants in workshops and events
  • 40 public sector partners
  • 24 colleges and universities engaged in projects
  • 32 innovation and research centres engaged in projects

Fight Against COVID-19

Support the fight against COVID-19 and strengthen Canada’s economic recovery
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  • 25 new COVID-19 product lines launched


  • 39 new COVID-19 product lines launched

Careers of the Future Campaign

Launch a campaign to improve the image of advanced manufacturing and promote career opportunities for young Canadians
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  • Media campaign ready to launch


  • Campaign launched May 2021

Process Improvement & Sustainability

Continuously improve its own operating processes and business sustainability
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  • $3.7 million in industry contributions to operating expenses
  • Clean audit of financial statements
  • No compliance violations


  • $5.0 million in industry contributions
  • Clean financial audit
  • No compliance violations

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