Strategic Opportunities

Objectives for 2021/2022

NGen occupies a unique position. Thanks to our understanding of research, technology, and manufacturing capabilities across Canada, our participation in global innovation networks, and the project pipeline we have developed, NGen has privileged view of the strategic opportunities – and the challenges – that lie ahead for advanced manufacturing in Canada.
We also work in an incredibly important space bridging the relationships and transfer of knowledge between the world of research and technology start-ups on one hand and the business of technology application and production scale-up for manufacturing on the other. Supercluster funding allows NGen to support later stage innovation, scale-up, and pilot projects – again playing a strategically important funding role for projects that require support for cash flow and pre-production acquisition of technology and equipment.

Over the past year,

we have worked to bring strategic industry analysis to the attention of our members and to the general public.

In 2020-2021, NGen published a series of articles and reports on Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector, Canadian capabilities in the field of additive manufacturing and automation, and the global competitiveness of Canada’s manufacturing supply chains. They are available at:

We contributed to reports on strategic innovation policy issues by the Innovation Economy Council, including reports on Ontario’s advanced manufacturing sector, Canada’s competitive edge in the international competition for tech talent, strategic business opportunities for Canada’s cleantech sector, and the importance of commercializing not just protecting Canadian IP. Check these reports out at:

NGen has commissioned a series of reports on strategic opportunities for Canada’s advanced manufacturing sector that will be published later in 2021. They will look specifically at technology trends and related investment and business opportunities in Canada related to:

Electric vehicles and battery supply chains

Development of a circular food economy

The challenge of single-use plastics

Accelerating materials discovery, characterization, and testing

Industrial decarbonization

These studies will help inform future project funding and ecosystem development initiatives by NGen.